“Google bankrolls Canadian school program targeting fake news” Blog 6

First off, wow. My first thought was “Is this real?” which is ironic as that is what this entire program is to be teaching. I think the program should not only be for ages 9-19 years old, as there are many things that would benefit me from a program like this. Especially since this program for identifying fake news is mainly to help election voters receive truthful information. With the legal age to vote starting at 18, there is a much larger age group this program should be targeting. I also find a lot of young and middle aged adults are on social media where a lot of misinformation is advertised. Where as teens are on social media sites that don’t have as many advertisements such as snap-chat because they don’t care about news related events as much. I do agree these subjects need to be taught and taught early so we can remember them as we grow up but there should also be a more advance program for older people who really need this information.

Blog #7 I revise not Rewrite. (164)

Beth Shope reveals secret number 3, “Rewriting takes time (and it doesn’t matter how or when you do it)”. I find this to be the most accurate way I enjoy writing. All throughout school we are taught to do draft after draft after draft for every major writing assignment. Much like this author, I like to take my time writing and revising instead of multiple drafts. When I do multiple copies the first draft ends up being terrible and I can not seem write right anymore. As mentioned in the “True Writing is Rewriting” article, I am one of those people who are afraid to make changes to the first draft in fear I will make my piece of crap even worse. I never seem to get a draft satisfying to me. By reading this I also have the confidence to make the changes I’m scared of, that being said; my final “This I Believe” draft may be completely different then the first two drafts.

Blog #3 “Wikipedians”

I really like how Wikipedians are thought to do this job for the love of writing. Almost like an online journal the whole world can see. I would not consider Wikipedia a reliable source as I would a newspaper or certain magazines, however I do like that it is known to be done for some to write on Wikipedia for the love of writing and sharing their knowledge.

Even though it is currently free range for who can write and edit on Wikipedia, I don’t think it should be. I think it should be more like a job where people who have writing skills, are professional, and mature have to edit articles before they are released for anyone to see. Slightly like a newspaper or magazine but with more audience involved who can talk about anything they wish and know about.

Blog #2 “Shitty First Drafts”

“Shitty first drafts” seemed to me like it itself was a first draft. The author described her drafts to be a long rambling of written down thoughts with no filter. It was uninteresting the way the author rambled on and on for what seemed like forever about her writing process. As I was reading I kept waiting to see when she got to the point of her story. Finally, the last paragraph of course, states good writing comes from “terrible first efforts”. Still, at the end of the reading I didn’t find her piece useful to me. I have never examined how I write- which may be a good idea to do- but I do know I don’t do all the extra writing just to get an idea. However, I do feel more at ease now to know that the first draft is always the worst and it will get edited and perfected by the time I write a final copy. Especially since this particularly uninteresting piece was able to get published seems like a pretty low standard set to aim to be better than, even though I’m still unsure what is considered to be a good topic.

First blog post.

Blogging creates a healthier lifestyle, you come to realize what is most important things in your life. Last year I kept a daily journal of positive things that happened throughout the day, I eventually ran out of good things to write about and stopped writing. I got lazy in every day things like socializing and exercise, I developed bad eating habits and binge watched a lot of T.V. I was always bored when I had down time and I never felt good about myself. I eventually got out my of habits by spending time with friends and family again but it took a long time and I missed out on a few events just because I didn’t feel like going at the time.

For Christmas my best friend got me a cute little journal with a fox on the cover to help me get back into writing my thoughts. It took a long time for me to start writing again but now that started again I have more energy to do the things I love. I am a healthier version of me because of my private journals which is very much like a blog, except not everyone can read it.